Welcome to the XTreme Company!

Early in 2013 we were cycling on Jeremy’s game farm, stopped on a hill, watched a herd of Eland take off. We stood there in awe next to our 29’ers and watched these majestic animals disappear behind a koppie; and almost in unison commented about our majestic outdoor lifestyle. Back at the tented camp we changed and went for a run along a path trodden by antelope and later swam in the dam.

Do you get the picture….The Xtri name was banded around, thanks to modern technology we registered the name there and then on one of the phones we had taken along.

In the evening around the fire under the beautiful African sky with some great wines in our glasses we admired our route we had plotted with a garmin.

A few hours later accompanied by the calls of an African Eagle owl and some black backed jackals trying to compete we had conceptualised a new off-road triathlon series. Please join us on our journey - we promise to deliver you an experience seldom if ever offered before anywhere in the world.